Thursday, December 1, 2011

Transformation does not change the dynamic type of change 911 GT3 PRIOR DESIGN

 Was modified in 2008 to join the field of German tuner PRIOR DESIGN, has for its naturally aspirated Porsche 911 GT3 King launched a dedicated suite, and in accordance with established principles, reformed, do not change power.
  PRIOR DESIGN The launch of the 911 GT3 based on the launch package, called 911 PD3, from the pictures you can find significant changes in appearance, the first in the front office, put on new self-designed bumper assembly, forward in the expansion of the gas mouth, to provide fresh air for effective cooling system, the bottom of the spoiler in carbon fiber, will provide better front stability; and continued diversion hole design with side skirts to the rear , in addition to bumper on both sides of the heat dam, the bottom of the integration of the shunt, in the rear-mounted dual exhaust tail pipe content with which the integrity of high conversion, and through the carbon fiber and glass fiber composite materials used in large quantities to reach the hard and lightweight advantages.
 PRIOR DESIGN also stressed that this has been carefully built aero package, even if the speed reached 300km / h of the spectrum, are also to provide excellent vehicle stability.
 Lightweight wheels is also the focus of this PRIOR DESIGN into a multi-piece forged wheels, and a variety of sizes to choose from, with hard and soft adjustable high and low with a modified suspension system, the largest car can be reduced up to 30mm, in addition to lowering the body center of gravity, improved handling limit, it can also effectively combines the comfort of general everyday use.

Subaru Legacy 2.5GT modified supercharged engine four-wheel drive system

 Subaru SEMA International Auto Salon recently launched the Legacy 2.5GT VIP concept cars to the 2010 Legacy 2.5GT VIP based on the concept car equipped with a maximum power of 198Kw turbo engine, and speed in can be achieved in the 2000-5200 rpm 350Nm of torque, matching is a new 6-speed manual transmission and continuous symmetrical all-wheel drive system.
 Legacy 2.5GT VIP concept car was equipped with air suspension from the general aviation system, so the body's center of gravity low. And its front and rear 20 × 10-inch large-size wheels, then with Fuken FK452's 235/30 R20 tires.
 In addition to moving the system modification, the Legacy 2.5GT VIP concept car is also on the hood, bumper and spoiler kit HID xenon lamp and fog lamps were upgraded. In addition, roof and trunk spoiler German design, but also increased the lion 2.5GT VIP concept car a high-speed stability.
 Legacy 2.5GT VIP concept car not only equipped with a custom fender, and the installation of the lines and chrome door handles. In the interior part of the completely custom design, diamond needle seat and door trim as Togarashi red, while the interior lighting kit and sill plates for the needs of guests individually designed.
 Legacy 2.5GT VIP concept car rear seat passengers can enjoy the full VIP treatment, and is equipped with in-flight entertainment system. Embedded in the front seat head restraints within the two-AVX77 touch screen, with six JBL speakers, allowing guests to experience the back of high-quality multimedia.

Rolls-Royce Ghost unveiled not the car - a work of art

Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce) is BMW's brand, in 1906, formally established in the UK. Rolls-Royce to a "aristocratic" world-renowned automobile companies, but also the world's three major aircraft engine manufacturers. 2003 Rolls-Royce Motor Company included in the BMW Group. In such a historical context, Rolls-Royce car is still a popular commodity in the major tuning. For example, the German tuner Mansory Rolls-Royce has released pictures of the car is called the ghost, the overall color is blue, accompanied by yellow lines, filled the entire body. The car must be attracted to the UAE, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the consumer's eyes it!
This is a ghost of a high performance, very good car, but you can believe in such power on the basis of a 26% increase from the original 420 kilowatts to 530 kilowatts, the maximum torque from 780 Nm to 1020 cattle meters. Reason to bring this super power is to choose a larger turbo, this is very straightforward with a large helping of dynamic performance; In addition, new electronic control system also has better power play to help make the operation of the vehicle more stable. Greatly increase the dynamic performance directly reflected in the acceleration, for such a two-ton vehicle, from stationary to one hundred miles per hour just 4.4 seconds, have to say is a miracle.
Inside and outside the variation is relatively large. The specter of a larger selection of wheels, front wheel is 9 * 22 inches, the back is 10.5 * 22-inch Dunlop tires as its standard tire. Ghost appearance, mainly in the front, side profile and rear, added a new spoiler and exhaust. The car will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

Carry-7.3L V12 engine looks exactly like the Ferrari Enzo

 Frecce Tricolori (official name: 313 ° Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico), attached to the Italian Air Force's famous stunt flying team. Violent colors of the Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani find them and on behalf of the Department released the final of a Zonda car models: Pagani Zonda Tricolore. The car, based on the Zonda Cinque increase on behalf of the Italian tricolor body garland, engine hatch at the top of a similar new fighter vertical tail spoiler added on both sides raised into the air. Pagani Zonda Tricolore carbon alloy (Carbon-Titanium) making body, some of its power carrying AMG 7.3L V12 naturally aspirated engine, maximum power output of 678ps @ 6,150 rpm, peak torque has also increased to 780Nm @ 4,000 rpm.
 Six-speed sequential gearbox, MR-driven layout; 0-100km / h acceleration takes only 3.4 seconds,0-200km / h acceleration 9.6 seconds, top speed over 350km / h; Zonda Cinque equally impressive braking reaction time, 100 - 0km / h only 2.1 seconds,200-0km / h only takes 4.3 seconds. It is reported that Pagani Zonda Tricolore for sale only three, factory price of up to 1.3 million euros

Equipped with a 6.1 l engine, Brabus modified Mercedes-Benz new E convertible

 Continue to launch new Mercedes-Benz E-Class E63 AMG version of the model, the Brabus BRABUS tuning is also launched its own version of the performance of the new E convertible models. New Mercedes-Benz Brabus BRABUS E convertible modified version of the interior, not only in appearance and increased the power package and decoration, and its also equipped with BRABUS BRABUS 6.1 increased their performance engine launched.
 New Brabus BRABUS E convertible modified version added momentum in the body kit that includes front and rear under spoiler, side skirts, tail, etc., and to install fog lights on both sides of the vertical LED daytime running lights. In addition, the new convertible Brabus BRABUS E modified version is also equipped with about four chrome-plated tail pipes, to choose 17, 18 or 19 inch wheels.
 In the interior, new convertible Brabus BRABUS E modified version of so many seats and shift knob with Brabus logo, also used in sports alloy pedals. In addition, the owner needs to follow their chosen type of seat or leather trim, steering wheel or gear head design, pedal set and carpet style and so on.
 New Brabus BRABUS E convertible modified version will be equipped with maximum power and torque up to 340Kw and 615Nm of the 6.1 engine, replacing Mercedes-Benz E500 is equipped with maximum power of 285Kw 5.5-liter V8 engine. At the same time, Brabus BRABUS Mercedes-Benz to launch BlueEFFIENCY echo technology, the new E for the other displacement models have also been upgraded. New E250 CGI Cabriolet which maximum power and torque up to 169Kw and 350Nm, while the E350 CGI V6 engine maximum power is also enhanced 13.2Kw.
 Mercedes-Benz AMG models for Mercedes-Benz modified the performance is very gentle, but Brabus BRABUS gives owners in addition to dynamic visual effect, but also to enhance vehicle performance. At present, Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new four-door sedan and the E coupe, convertible version of the new E will also enter into the countdown, and the Brabus BRABUS E modified version of the new models seem to domestic consumers is still some distance .

Cherokee converted 1KZ-TE engine

 Happy as before I converted this Cherokee, the main purpose is to prepare on the highway when there is a better economy, and occasionally out of play, special road conditions encountered when fishing, but also have enough power to deal with. In summary, the final choice 1KZ converted into the preferred model.
 Accompany my many years of Cherokee, in many ways I can not meet the requirements of the.
 Removal of the cabin clean for the final preparations for engine conversion to do.
 Removed to the original machine large fuel consumption, power is poor, has reached a decrepit level.
 Test preparation has finished loading the 1KZ waiting for loading.
 The lightweight hand-made accessories after the flywheel is very convenient.
 Flywheel has in place a good butt, butt gram scoop has also been completed and put into the cabin to adjust the position of the engine and found the front of a small part of the oil pan may be severe jolt in the collision with the direction of the rod, split out the machine to change the oil at the end of the shell.
 Flywheel has a good butt gearbox in place.
 Large living basically dry well, but also slowly finishing the details. Let all the workers according to the car to start, time duration, I was urging another reminder.
 After the power conversion experience: like a runaway horse [Review Photo Forum] easy burning tires, violent 1.2 file, 3.4 file has pushed back a sense, 5 clear sense of acceleration. Noise relative to the diesel engine sound is very small, noisy side of the road did not get a diesel car. The room is not a slight vibration noise, open up with no difference between gasoline.

Brabus modified Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabrio 2010

 Well-known tuning company Brabus has released the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabrio convertible sports car, modified versions of this car's power and interior have made ??some upgrades.
 Dynamic aspects, Brabus for the car to provide a product called ECO Power Extra D4 power upgrade kit, you can make the E250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY engine's maximum power increased to 173kW, peak torque of 580Nm. Brabus has also introduced another more powerful ECO PowerXtra D6 kit that allows E350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY engine power increased to 200kW, torque increased to 590Nm.
 Brabus also top with a 2010 E500 Cabrio has been improved on the power to the power increased to 340kW, torque of 615Nm. According to Brabus to data released by the upgraded E500 maximum speed up to 300km / h ,0-100km / h acceleration time of 4.7 seconds.
 In addition to power upgrades on the outside, Brabus also this car's interior has been upgraded. Used car Brabus LOGO printed on the stainless steel trim, Brabus sport steering wheel, and carbon fiber center console panel.